Tik Tok user falls from a moving train:


Tik Tok user falls from a moving train while he was making a video:

Nowadays, people from all age groups are using TikTok. Everyone aspires to become a TikTok star. There are more than 1 billion people who post videos on this app, so they have to be as innovative as possible in order to gain the most followers.

Recently, a video has been released that shows a man trying to get down from a moving train. This shows the kind of things people are willing to do to get famous on TikTok. They are ready to take on the most dangerous stunts.

The Minister of Railways and Commerce shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “Chalti train main stunt dikhana bahaduri nahi, murkhta ki nishani hai. Aapka jeewan amulya hai, isse khatre main naa dale. Niyamo ka palan kare, aur surakshit yatra ka anand le. (Performing stunts in a moving train is not bravery, it is a sign of foolishness. Your life is priceless, do not put it in danger. Follow the rules and enjoy a safe journey.)”

The video is 7 seconds long, in which a man can be seen trying to get off a moving train and suddenly he loses his balance and falls on the ground. That is not all. For a fraction of a second, his face even goes under the train. Then he suddenly gets up and brushes the dust off.

This TikTok user did not care for his life and threw himself in danger just for a 7-second video. 

This video went viral in a few hours. It gained more than 29k views and over 6.3k likes.

There have been many instances in the past when people have lost their lives while pulling such stunts for TikTok videos.

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