Stranded People Can Return to Home Towns

Stranded People Can Return to Home Towns, Government Issued New Guidelines

From the first phase of the lockdown till now, amidst the aggressive behavior of the migrants, the demand from the states and some level of politics, the central government has allowed the migrants to go back to their village-house even during the lockdown period. It has also made a blueprint by issuing guidelines on Wednesday. That means workers, students, pilgrims, tourists stranded in different states can return to their homes by road. But for this, there should be a mutual agreement between the states and through the nodal officer such passengers and groups will be sent from one state and they will be an given entry in another state. Under this, during the return, one has to undergo the screening process at two places and will also have to stay for 14 days in Quarantine.

There are still three days left for the second phase of the lockdown to end. Prior to this, the Central Government has decided on this mainly for two reasons. The first reason is that the policy was being demanded from the states. The second reason is that after the end of the lockdown, there has been an attempt to avoid any chaos. There can be more problems if such situation is created. Therefore, the government wants to bring the migrants to their place even during the lockdown period.

Centre Allows Return of Stranded Migrant Workers

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, buses should be arranged to send the stranded people. These buses should be properly sanitized. Also, physical distance rules should be adopted while sitting in it. The people of the health department will first have to examine them when people reach their destination. After this, they have to be isolated in their homes. Depending on the situation, if needed, they can also be kept in the quarantine center. Medical examination of all these people will be done from time to time. For this, people will be encouraged to use the Arogya Setu App as well. So that they can get information about their situation.

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