online education & administration

Online school management software is the answer to a lot of the problems emerging from outdated processes and functions that torment today's educational institutions. It is a part of educational technology that helps you automate everything in a college or school. It is an all-in-one administrative assistant comprising of the finance department, record keeper, data analyst and report writer. The software is the need for the hour for running your educational requirements and a helpful resource in your decision making. An online school management system is a benefit for school management and administration. But its uses are not limited to a few. Teachers, students, and parents equally benefit from this piece of education technology. It is not just a tool helpful for non-education staff but has features that directly help those involved with the teaching side of things.

There are numerous advantages of using online education and administration system. Here are a few we have listed for you:

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1. School management features
An online school management software enables you to handle your educational institution's processes comprehensively. It involves everything, from admissions to transfer or leaving certificates issues to students graduating from the school. Our online school management software enables you to automate processes like timetables, transport, admissions process, admission of new students, attendance, scheduling of classes, school events, and more.
2. Parent-teacher collaboration
It is not the only responsibility of a teacher to educate a child. Parental support plays a huge role. The two essential entities must be on the same page. An online school management software enables for one on one communication. Parents can distantly monitor their child. They can also refer to the teacher reviews on class assignments and exams. It eventually helps them to guide their child. The software is also useful as a dashboard that announces school alerts keeping everyone informed. With healthy communication, the student progresses, and the school gains more popularity.
3. Fee management and online payments
One of the most time-consuming factors of running an educational institution is fee management. But our online school management software can help reduce this issue. The fee management systems can be easily set up to suit every student's needs. The software lets you create custom fee bands that take into consideration individual deductions, fines, fees, and scholarships given to students. The software also helps parents pay quickly and easily with online payment processing from anywhere. Generating a fee receipt is also comfortable with the same software.