it implementation & maintenance

Implementation is the way that turns strategies and plans into actions to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. After all the above steps, and rigorous testing, finally the solution architect implements the software. There are more changes done once at this step as the architect gets a clear picture of the software.

After delivery of the product, the work of solution architect does not get over here. The role continues by providing maintenance support to the stakeholders and clients. The architect takes the responsibility to bridge the gaps between the clients and the team to solve any issues faced or any changes needed. Solution Architecture thus is the primary framework that gives you guidelines for product development. They need to maintain the constraints well. Experimenting, testing, investigating and implementing the right mix of tools, technology, and processes will guarantee that the architect produces a quality product.

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Art Inc. provides solution architecting consultancy to satisfy the needs of all the stakeholders from the solution architecture. It generally includes technology platform, physical architecture, software and network architecture with all non-functional software elements addressed. Speak to us today to get the right product.