it consultant & architect

IT consultant provides set of services like integrating IT into organization. They give ideas for efficient use of IT to meet specific target. They suggest the appropriate technology, and IT platform to improve the outcomes. In other words, they advise the strategy for whole enterprise and suggest the best business model.

They act like threads connecting the management and technical staff. They suggest ideas for smooth functioning of the combination of technology and human resources.

Therefore, IT consultants advice solution to the business problem, filter challenges, improve team effectiveness, help in increasing productivity and other strategic suggestions.

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IT Architecture is responsible for the implementation of ideas and business model. They focus on the set of computer network and software platform to suit the corporate environment.

They bring and implement the best technology to the existing one. They bring modification to the computer network. The system of network ensures smooth functioning of any business model. IT Architect is responsible for the network. Therefore, they ensure hiccup-free working of business and project.

The specific differences between IT consultant and Architect Can be understandable categorically. IT Consultant suggest the best technology, human and financial resources whereas Architect ensure the implementation of these resources with positive outcomes.

Consultant suggest risk-free solution to the situation where many technology risk are present whereas IT Architect address these risks hire the best human resources to tackle the risk. Consultant act as a bridge between investors and management while presenting future product to the investors and stakeholders. Architect suggests the technologies that will match product requirements.