enterprise resource planning

Commonly referred to as ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution that manages a company’s centre processes, such as financials, supply chain, manufacturing, production, engineering, and human resource activities. ERP combines these processes into one single system, giving real-time information over various departments. It allows businesses to make data-driven decisions to smoothen out their daily operations, drive capabilities, manage complexity and grow seamlessly. To ease the challenges and complexities the manufactures face, our Odoo ERP is developed to help one achieve a complete view of every single aspect of the business.
Although there are many benefits to implementing an ERP software system, we have listed the top five benefits here:

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Efficiency – An ERP system reduces tedious processes, and dramatically reduces the need to manually enter informa tion. The system also slick business processes and makes it easier and efficient for companies to gather data.
Integrated Information – Instead of having data spread across throughout several databases, all information gets stored in a single location. Data is also kept uniform and up to date.
Reporting – An ERP software helps make reporting more comfortable, which in turn helps to respond to multiple data requests more efficiently. Users can also generate reports without depending on the IT team for help.
Customer Service – ERP makes it possible to provide high-quality customer service. Sales and customer service people can communicate with customers better and improve relationships with them because they can quickly access customers’ data and history.
Security – Implementing ERP improves the precision, regularity, and security of data. It helps in enhancing restrictions to data.

Implementing an ERP in your business can help you save a lot of effort and time. Here are our thoughts on how it helps a company in other ways as well:

Data Redundancy: By using an ERP system like Odoo, you get rid of any unnecessary data. One system keeps all data across the company and eliminates the chances of duplicates. Inventory Inaccuracy: ERP systems have proven to present accurate inventory numbers.
Insufficient Reporting: Without ERP, companies usually face insufficient reporting issues.
Organizational Scalability Issues: An ERP system helps you to synchronize all the areas with proportion to the growth of the company.
Low Customer Retention: Since all the departments are well connected with ERP, the company can provide faster solutions to their customers by making timely and accurate decisions.
The benefits of using an ERP overweighs the effort and cost that is needed to implement and adopt it. Companies that have implemented ERP systems have observed reduced operating costs, administrative fee, improvement in on-time delivery and increase in inventory turnout. Our cloud-based Odoo is fully customizable with easy to use interface. If you are looking for a comprehensive Open Source IT solution, Odee should be your choice. Art Inc has successfully implemented Odee in various industries in different parts of the globe.