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aura research & Technology inc.

what we are

This Organization is initiated in New York, USA having it's Support and Consultancy available in New York, Manchester, Abu Dhabi & now functioning in New Delhi. We are a IT Solution Architect company, a unique of it's kind in India. We work for providing IT Consultancy solutions focusing on IT Solution Architecture Services. This is the latest and most essential service in IT Solution Development & Implementation Life Cycle.

Company is initiated and formed by 2 Long Time serving profound and expert engineers who are serving IT Industry for more than 25 years. After being associated and implementing many Govt. And Corporate National & International projects in many industry, they have seen the challenges, success and failures of many projects and now practicing and providing solutions by this brand as a Solution Architect.

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Our Projects



  • One Software all functions
  • Fully customisable
  • Open Source ERP
  • Fully Responsive Interface
  • Cloud Based & Affordable

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions is a tough challenge for any IT Architects, our experience and expertise into specific subjects give us the confidence to take challenges in such projects. We have implemented numerous projects in wide number of Industries and in different geographical locations.

ART Inc. is of the leading Solution Architect Consultant for customization, development & Implementation of Odoo ERP.

Odoo ERP is a leading product for a complete Open Source IT Solution with almost all modules a modern day organization requires.

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  • Control Sales Process
  • Lead Management
  • Best Customer Support
  • Complaint Management
  • Delivery Management

We have been implementing CRM in the most effective and useful way. From small to large every organisation require CRM to manage their Sales Process in a most efficient way to ensure Sales, Delivery, Complaint, Support & Loyalty to re-orders & re-selling to existing customers.

It gives the customer the confidence to be with you. Lead Management in Pipeline. Manage perfectly on your enquiries from Prospects, transfer leads, send a beautiful quotation in 30 seconds, do follow-up and set reminder etc. with this CRM

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  • Global standard HR solution
  • Designed for all Org
  • 100% customisable
  • Cloud Based & Affordable
  • Free MobileApp

We are specialised in implementing 100% Customisable International Standard HRMS solution for small, Mid & large Organisation.

Since HRMS is a heart of any organisation Human Resource Department will be fully equipped and employee empowerment to be implemented to the fullest with this IT Product. Developed 100% perfect according to Indian HR Law & Govt policies & practices. All Statutory reports are designed accordingly.

It is available in both Cloud Option and Dedicated Hosting options. Cloud is very affordable.

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We Have Expertise In Designing Solutions for Many Industries

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it & bpo

Information technology & BPO

Like every industry, IT & BPO industry has got specific requirements to run it's operations smoothly. We have seen many problems of IT companies like it's long sales cycle to be managed by CRM only, Project Development process, work distribution, set timeline, complete works by collaboration and all these are possible in time with the project Management application only. CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Finance & Accounts has to be integrated otherwise not possible.
Huge number of Sales & Support data, large number of daily leads of BPO industry can only be managed by these applications..

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health & education

We have worked with Top, Medium Health & Education Sector organisations in India & outside. These 2 industries have similar challenges, in a single organization multiple software applications run and single data is being entered multiple time in other softwares implemented for seperate departments. We have inplemented integrated solutions & ERPs for Health & Education and thus operations process will be much smoother, perfect & faster. Best utilisation of manpower & inter departmental communications & best utilisation of other resources can only be done when proper application is used.

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production & manufacturing

These industries are becoming fastest technology adapting industries in past few years. Softwares are connected in manufacturing plants and machinery also. Every single data coming out from machine is being utilised for a better performance and better user experience next time. Production problems are detected in real-time basis and communicated accordingly. From Purchase, Acquire of raw materials, productions, wastage, waste disposal, scrap selling, packaging, product movement through logistics and storing in warehouse and so on everything is connected and properly managed by software application only.

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retail wholesale & logistics

We have implemented several applications in FMCG, FMCD, Garments, Food Retails, Hyper Mall Retail Chain outlets, restaurants and even retail through modern day Marketplace E-commerce with various modules/inter-connected applications like: POS, Warehouse Management, Logistics (3rd party Logistics integrations also) and Finance & Reporting. In retail and related industry, Royalty for b2c is very much important and implemented also. Now we are implementing CRM & HRMS in huge numbers to make the organization professional.

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travel & hospitality

A fine service industry has always huge requirement of Proper Application which provides strong backbone to provide perfect services to their clients. We have implemented technologies like AR & VR, Travel Booking Engine with large API integrations. CRM is very much required for handling their clients requirements, Lead Management & Customer Support Services.
Hotel & Hospitality industry is also a large part where Fully automated systems are required to handle Customers. HRMS, CRM, Booking Engine, Restaurant POS and all these to be integrated and cross platform communication has to happen properly.

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Recruitment industry

Having a prolong experience working HR & Recruitment area, we have implemented many applications for the industry. We have seen and overcome the challenges of the industry, such as Managing Leads for Customers and Manages reference and leads for the prospective candidates, monitor the activities done against those pipelines and do the followup until the job accomplished. Keep track of each activities done against each client recruitment through CRM. Support and accounts if not connected to the CRM application, there the complexity happens and there is huge requirement for Document Management, the challenge of storing documents, Photos, Videos(for Video CV & Interview Video) against each candidate if can be managed by any system, the agency will really mark a difference. CRM-HR- Accounts-Document Management-Online Portal has to be connected to make the perfect solution for the industry.

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